How does the Chinese celebrate the birthday?

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In China, people think that birthday is the most important day of the year, they will advance a week to invite friends and family to celebrate the birthday, birthday is called “Longevity God”, “Longevity God” will take a wish before blow out the candle.”Longevity God” will wish of good health, family happiness, life better in the coming year.
Every day the meaning of life is different, the Chinese people attach great importance to 1 year old and 60 years old, 70 years old, 80 years old, 90 years old, 100 birthday, the older, the more important to celebrate the birthday, when the whole family When the old child holds his first birthday, he can leave the best memories of the child, and when the family rounds the 90th old man at home to celebrate his birthday, the whole family feels a deep sense of happiness.

Most people will choose to celebrate their birthday at home, but more and more young people like to celebrate their birthday at KTV or the bar. Elderly at home to celebrate the birthday arrangement is relatively simple, a big “Live” copybook in the hall can be. Young people like fashion, they will choose a professional party and decorator supplier to purchase HAPPY BIRTHDAY Letters balloons, latex balloons, aluminum balloons, creative candles and Table Accessories and other products to DIY decorating the party scene.

Celebrate the birthday, the cake is essential, we will eat eggs, noodles and fruit, young people will drink to celebrate, friends and family to participate in birthday party will bring the best gift, when everyone is full, “Longevity” will open the gift, enjoy the best wishes of friends and family.

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